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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Think of the Children!

Citrus Avenue School, the neighborhood elementary school which my granddaughters attend is small, but highly regarded. There is currently a brouhaha a-brewin' because the school district is thinking about closing the old and tiny facility. A concerned group of parents and teachers is rallying support to fight the closure, and put up this sign announcing an upcoming meeting about the closure on one of the fences at the school:

Interesting alternative spelling of "neighbor". In all fairness, this is probably just the hand-printed equivalent of a "typo", an simple over sight. However, I submit for your consideration this evidence:

Grandrimpyette One's fifth grade class goes on bicycle field trips. They call themselves the Citrus Ambassadors. This should read "Citrus Ambassadors' Bike Adventure". With blatant ignorance of spelling and punctuation on the part of the adults involved, maybe the school should be closed.

On a related note, this next item is from an earlier time, when Grandrimpy was in second grade at a different school:

"Monkey's"? Seriously? I'm with former President George W. Bush: